Our primary objective is to provide quality health services to patients.

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About National Path Lab

National Path Lab is a privately owned, independent clinical laboratory. National Path Lab is established in 2013 in Butwal, Rupandehi, Nepal. Since 2013, we have rapidly expanded our operations to other areas of Western Nepal. CATEGORY "A" ACCREDITED LABORATORY, established in the year 2012 having state-of-the-art laboratory and collection centres which are providing quality and STAT services to Hospital, Clinics and Patients. The services and operating principles of National Path Lab (NPL) complement our core value of ''the needs of patient come first''. National Path Lab (NPL) works to provide a high quality and advanced services to patients. 

Awards & Accreditation

NPL is the First Category ‘Á’ Clinical laboratory in Western Nepal and is approved by National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL).


We need committed and passionate people who strongly believe in what they do and whose work ethic and motivation inspire others. Thus, we are looking for candidates to bring new innovative ideas, skills and solutions to empower the organization.

Camps / Events

We are regularly organizing free and subsidized rates camps on different locations.

NPL employs a contingent of 150+ well-trained personnel working in various administrative, managerial, technical, marketing and support positions. A professional group of pathologists and lab technologists is contracted to provide clinical pathology. NPLs' main testing facility encompasses 4,000 square feet of technical and administrative space. Over 600 separate laboratory tests are performed. NPLs processes over 25,000 test requests each month through the operation of 100+ patient service centres.



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