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  • Automated lab operations to minimize human error.
  • Automated electro-chemiluminiscence technology of hormone, Vitamin, Tumor Marker and Infectious disease testing
  • Automated biochemistry setup for routine as well as esoteric tests
  • Automated histopathology set-up
  • Liquid based cytology-Advanced Technology for Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Automated blood culture system
  • Real Time PCR for Molecular testing
  • Complete Health Checkup packages- More than 20 packages for all age group individuals
We Provide -----

High quality and advanced services.

National Path Lab (NPL) works to provide a high quality and advanced services to patients.

We are focusing on high-end tests, where the testing is centralized and provides top end quality services to its customers which is internationally accepted external and internal quality assurance. The focus in this category of tests is on Sophisticated Tests and the Promotion is through Doctors.


Time Matters.

Our high throughput is due to the experience we have built up over seven years in the field of clinical laboratory. Our team works in two shifts and even 7 days/week.

Qualified systems ensure the consistent reproducibility of results and reports. Our internal Quality Parameters include not only the systems and instruments but also well trained and responsible staff to execute the entire processing in highly calibrated and sophisticated analysers.


National Laboratory Network.

National Path Lab provides a variety of management and support service to the clinical laboratories.

The laboratories of the various incorporated Practices offer over 1000 different diagnostic analyses. We serve a diverse group of over 1000 clients which includes medical practitioners, as well as hospitals, clinics and other pathology labs.




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